Diagnostic Imaging

Xray Services

We are pleased to offer Digital X-ray in house, which reduces the need for multiple X-rays to achieve a clear image, and minimizes the risk of repeated radiation exposure for our staff and your pet.

Ultrasound Services

Our hospital uses a G.E. Logic 5 Expert Pro with:

  • tru scan digital beam former
  • colour/pulse continuous wave doppler
  • anatomic m-mode
  • tissue harmonics

What does this mean? We will have the ability to generate a higher resolution 2-D image allowing precise measurements. Colour doppler will allow the veterinarian to determine the vascularity around a mass and, together with spectral dopplar, may identify vascular leaks and obtain peak velocities.

What benefits can ultrasound provide for your pet? Ultrasound allows the veterinarian the ability to look within an organ (such as the heart, G.I. tract or abdomen), providing visualization of intricate structures while allowing precise measurement of pathology for diagnostics. With conventional radiographs, only size, shape and contour are visible.

Ultrasound technology also allows for visual guidance in obtaining tissue samples for biopsy, fine needle aspirates for cytology reference or drainage of fluid from wthin a cavity as medical therapy.

Referring veterinarians:

To book an ultrasound appointment, please call our office at 204.253.2668.